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We are Brandpeak - a comprehensive marketing agency carrying out activities in the area of social media, content marketing and internet marketing, and we support everything with extensive experience in building brands and conducting image and public relations activities.

We tell stories about the brand. Stories that customers want to hear.

At Brandpeak, we do not operate in a standard and mass manner. Each brand is different and needs an individual approach. Therefore, we first analyze and then advise on the best marketing paths and solutions for the client, and only then we proceed to their implementation. We specialize in running social media and advertising campaigns in social media (including Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads) and advertising in the Google Ads search engine, creating content for various marketing tools (content for websites, blogs, podcasts, etc. .) and building entire strategies for brands' presence on the Internet. We develop creative public relations and marketing communication campaigns. All this to build brand awareness, support the image and effectively influence the purchasing decisions of your customers. You will find all these activities in one agency, because we provide a 3-in-1 offer: public relations agency, marketing agency, social media agency.

Social Media Digital Marketing Public Relations


We will strengthen the strength of your brand

We perfectly understand the needs of business, so we can properly plan and conduct marketing communication to achieve the goals. Our results and successes in running projects confirm that marketing is important, even crucial, in the development of the company and building its market success.

Look up! Your place is at the top. You only need effective marketing and creative communication for your business to see the effects of cooperation. Choose our marketing agency and see what "the power of your brand" means. At Brandpeak - a digital marketing and PR agency - we will take your brand to the top.

Take us to the next level of marketing, social media and PR.

Check our offer

Through marketing activities, we will help develop your business, strengthen sales and the strength of your brand. Trust an internet marketing, social media and PR agency. At Brandpeak - Digital Marketing and PR Agency - we combine the most effective marketing tools to work effectively for our clients.



The brand's greatest strength is its clear and consistent communication.

PR agency offer: Media relations. PR and marketing strategies. Product and corporate PR. E-PR. Creative campaigns.

An increase in trust in the brand means an increase in sales!

Social media agency offer: Running a company fanpage. Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik Tok. Influencer marketing.

Customers are online. We will help them find you!

Digital marketing agency offer: Performance marketing and Analytics. Google ADS. E-commerce marketing.

Good stories arouse emotions and attract customers.

Content marketing agency offer: Content in various forms. Blissful. Podcasts. Video.

Differentiate your brand and build a competitive advantage!
Advertising agency offer: Visual identification design. Logotypes. Names. Brand concepts.

Our projects

Small and large projects, but all important because they were implemented for great brands. The cross-section of the industry and clients we have cooperated with is very wide. Exciting projects, campaigns and implementations... These are clients who needed a clear communication strategy, interesting and engaging content, creative ideas and high-quality service. They chose our marketing and PR agency because we convinced them that we would be their partner who would help them achieve the goals they set for themselves.



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